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Manufacturing Practices: What Does GMP Stand for?

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and is simply a list of guidelines for the processes, procedures, and documentation that assure that the label on a product portrays an accurate representation of its actual constituents. This is true for the ingredient’s quantity and quality, composition, strength, purity, and identity. Products that are made in facilities with this certification are held to the highest standards and provide consumers with the guarantee that they are ingesting only the best quality supplements on the market. Companies that have this certification bear this label to say that they manufacture supplements that are made to the highest quality and standards the world over. The certification also means that their manufacturing plants are monitored ongoing, and all processes within the facility are appropriately controlled. The certificate doesn’t just cover the manufacturing of the actual product but also ensures the quality control of administrative aspects such as personnel qualifications, record keeping, complaint handling, cleanliness, and sanitation and process validation.