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What Job Skills Are Most Important

Let’s start with the big one. Which skill set is most important to employers when choosing a candidate. Soft skills or hard skills?

But before you get the answer, a brief explanation. Soft skills are a broad set of transferable skills that are mainly related to the way you work with other people. They include social skills, communication skills, emotional skills, and people skills. They’re also tough to teach and difficult to measure.

Hard skills by contrast are easy to teach and measure. They consist of abilities that are often job specific and can be more easily obtained through formal education and training. A few examples include technical skills, computer skills and language skills. 

And the winner? Soft skills were the clear favorite, with a full 61% of respondents considering them of paramount importance over hard skills.

This makes perfect sense. Working with others is a crucial part of virtually every job in every industry. Whether it’s colleagues or customers, it’s essential to be able to effectively navigate the complexities of human interaction.